Monday, June 25, 2012

The origin of true knowledge

Today, I discuss a subject of increasing importance, especially as the world has we know it is seeing a great rise in secularism, heathenism and paganism. It is the increase of esoteric knowledge that human beings are increasingly seeking to possess and choose over the knowledge of the scriptures that God would rather have us mull over.

Fallen angles have delivered to humanity esoteric knowledge that God would rather us not have until we have developed wholesome character. It is God's will that human beings inherit the earth, with all the wholesome goodness therein. The precious metals and stones, the herbs, roots and vegetation therein and life eternal and great knowledge about our environment and our potential  is ours to inherit. However, it is God's desire that like children who are to grow and inherit great wealth from parents, we first come to maturity and develop the spiritual values needed to properly manage the inherited estate. God has predestined us for possession of  knowledge, possessions and wealth (Romans 8:29; Ephesians 1:5Luke 12:32), but has set for us that our character development can only take place over a span time.

Imagine for a second that God could have made us perfect beings from the beginning possessing all the knowledge that we need in order to fully manage the earth. In the garden of Eden where it first began, human beings existed in a state of innocence, daily interacting with God each evening and executing  responsibilities given daily over a time in order to understand their needs, who they are and the goodness of God. Adam and Eve were given the mandate by God to dominate and subdue their natural world and to develop the spiritual values of God (Genesis 1:26). We were created to be like God and to control all the resources of the earth. In the first description of the garden of Eden, we learn of the wealth of the land that mankind first inhabited. In Genesis 2:11-12, we learn of the precious metals that were in the land. However, it was through relationship with God and other human beings (plus the animal kingdom and the earth environment) that God intended to fit and equip human beings to possess all the wealth.

Today, our world system,  informed by fallen angels, encourages human beings to place emphasis on extracting precious stones and metals, at the expense of relationships with other fellow human beings, animals and the earth. Wealth and greed is stressed and emphasized, with greed being seen as ambition. Yet in God's system, it is relationships that is stressed and emphasized, with the emphasis on sharing our world with the other inhabitants. It is in meekness that God says that we shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5). It is through being patient and waiting on God to daily deliver through our relationships and interaction with him and the others on earth, as well as the earth, that we are to learn what we need to properly manage all that the earth possesses.

Let us today endeavour to seek after the kingdom of God that we lost, for in it we have everything we need (Matthew 6:33). This kingdom though is inherited not through eating and drinking for enlightenment, or even in doing rituals and communicating with inner self, but in interacting with God, and relating with other human beings and animals through caring for them and sharing one's present world with them.