Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sex scandals and Christianity

Never have I heard of a religion that has been so tainted by sexual scandal as Christianity.
I have not heard any sexual scandals reported of Islamic or Jewish spiritual leaders as I have heard of Christianity.

When Christianity fails, it fails publicly and miserably. When Christianity fails to live up to the chastity ideals and then seeks to cover up those failures, the media scourges the faith and have reason to broadcast our failure publicly. Thus any Christian spiritual leader who gets entangled in sexual temptations and sins, will disgrace the religion and give it poor publicity that will leave a bitter taste in the mouths of many unbelievers.

When one Christian leader fails, the entire religion is tainted with corruption. We have priests, pastors and spiritual leaders that have molested or sexually abused children, committed fornications/adulteries and even divorced. Our religion preaches about family and its importance, are against abortion and for marriage, yet many of our spiritual leaders fail to live up to these values.

These things pain my heart and my soul, and always make me feel embarrassed to be named a Christian. The people of my faith have disappointed me many times. If it were not for my belief in the Bible and the things written therein, and my proving G-d through it for myself, then I would not be a believer in Christ Jesus. I perhaps would have been Rastafarian, Jewish or Muslim, or perhaps a Garveyite.

These have only been averted because JESUS, blessed be his name, warned me through his gospels that in his movement in the latter days, there will be “wheat” and “tares”. With many parables JESUS foretold that there will be those in his movement who are acceptable unto his Father and himself, yet there will be those that though they are in the movement, they do not belong and are alien to his ideals.

G-d has let me know that there will be agents sent into the movement by the wicked one, to destroy the movement from within. There will be persons given prominent places in the movement that will fall – who are the agents of the wicked one, sent to make Christianity look evil and to prevent us from recruiting unbelievers.

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