Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another healing testimony

On November 26, 2009, I was sick with flu-like symptoms. I was very weak that I left work half day, as I was just sleeping away and could not get any work done.

When I arrived home, I had a fever, eye ache and a head ache. I was bed ridden for the rest of the day into the night.

By the night fall I was fed up of my condition, and prayed, calling on the name of the LORD (as revealed in Exodus to Moses in Exodus 34:6 as commpasionate, merciful, long suffering,). I knew that God would have mercy and extend mercy to me, as I have personally been extending mercies to others (for Jesus teaches us so in Matthew 5:7). In addition I just came out of studying Matthew 8 and 9, where God's character being revealed through Jesus was merciful unto all that called on him for help.

After prayer, I received instant revelation that my headache and eyeache had nothing to do with my flu-like condition, but were caused by anxiety and worry. Subconsciously, I was worrying about the deadlines and the entire gamut of tasks that I needed to accomplish for December. These things weighed unconsciously on my subconscious mind.

Immediately after that revelation, I began to sweat. Then my fever came down.

With that revelation I began to try to relax and think about how I could take it easy. This helped as later, my headache and eyeache was gone, and I felt strong again. With this new found strength and joy of receiving an answer to my petition, I got up and went into the kitchen to cook bean stew to eat with the food that my wife cooked earlier in the day. It was delicious. I left some for my wife and continued to sweat while pondering about how I could relax and worry less.

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