Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conflicting paradigms

I am in two minds. Being raised a social scientist and a Judeo-Christian, I have conflicting praradigms.

On one hand, social science tells me that through education and the application of scientific methods to discovering the best social order can help to raise humanity into a more Utopian existence. Also in Judeo-Christian theology, we are encourage that our works, deed, faith and prayers can help to transform the world into a more just and equitable place.

Yet, there is my other Judeo-Christian upbringing that argues that all attempts by men to build a more just and equitable social order will fail, especially because they wish to build without the foundation of G-d's Law. Further, most of the Bible are prophecies of what is in store for man. Humanity according to prophetic revelation is to become more degenerated in ethics and morality than better, and their attempts to save themselves will only lead them to give themselves over to Satan powers that will lead humanity in rebellion against G-d. This will lead to a final catastrophe, where G-d pours out his wrath against the unity of man and Satan in rebellion.

Further, there is my conspiracy theorist and critical social science background, where I am not sure if I believe that there is global political elite that is controlling the events of the world, through economic and political interventions into nations across the globe. Hence, this background lends me to pessimistic view of the New World Order and movements towards global integration.

All these ideas within makes me ambivalent about what I believe and what I should strive for in my present reality.

I am spooked out by UNESCO's mission (

Building peace in the minds of people

Yet enthralled by it. I really desire for humanity to be at peace. For conflicts to be resolved. For human beings to have shared ethics and values. Yet be guaranteed their freedoms. I want fair and just systems, and compliance by all.

At the same time, I wonder, did not the Bible call Jesus the prince of Peace. Is it not his mission to bring peace to the world?

I recognise that for developed countries, they aim to make people more peaceably through education and teaching ethics. They feel that they can educate all human beings into social order and transform people's minds through education and truth.

Yet, for Christians it is evangelizing and educating the world about Jesus that will bring liberation to all men.

And I wonder, where is the blur. The world system has the same goals as my Christian worldview. Just that they differ on rights, freedoms, ethics and values.

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