Friday, December 31, 2010

The Parallel Universe

The Christian lives in two worlds. He or she contends with a parallel universe, unlike the man of the world who is secular and does not relate to the G-d of the universe, but dwells primarily on the every day realities. The secular man can only live in the world that he sees, while the Christian both lives in the world of the material and physical, but also in the realm or spiritual reality. Spiritual reality is that realm where interaction takes place between humanity and G-d and/or other spiritual entities (whether angels or demons).

So while the Christian is in the world of the material and is concerned about meeting his or her needs, the Christian is also concerned about the interaction that they have in the universe of the spirit. He or she is concerned not only with the quality of life as a citizen of earth, but also the quality of his or her interaction in the universe of the spirit.

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