Tuesday, March 15, 2011

G-d's Office hours

Someone made a comment on Facebook that got me really reflecting and meditating about the times and hours in which G-d actually works. The person said:
"Between 12midnight and 3am is the worse time to be up. Its the time of day when the buzz of daily activity is silenced and all your feelings and fears subtly creep in."
On reflection and meditation, I realise that between evening and morning are G-d's actual working hours. Hence those are the best times for tapping into G-d's office hours. G-d works when most of us are sleeping. While Adam was asleep, G-d was busy making Eve. Jesus got up a great while before day to have communion with the Father (Mark 1:35). Jesus thereby shows us that such times are good for getting time to talk to G-d. Throughout the Torah itself, the pattern is evident. It is at midnight that G-d freed the Israelites from Egyptian rule (Exodus 12:29). 
As one version of the Bible puts it, G-d kept vigil to deliver the Israelites from Egyptian oppression (Exodus 12:42 NIV).

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