Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just sharing my enriching experience

I depart from my usual blog entries to just express the warmth I am feeling.

It has been so lovely fellowship at London SDA Church for the past 3 Sabbaths this month.

Took the bus and arrived late, but I felt so pleased to be going to church and to be identified as a church goer. I was well dressed and felt like I was dressed like a Jew with my hat. Even met one of my professors on the way (who I am a Teaching Assistant for).  She asked me where I was going as I am so well dressed up. "Church" I replied, happy to declare that I am a believer and man of faith.

I had the feeling of David, when he said "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the L-RD."

It has been an awesome experience, as the love and fellowship that I have received from people who don't know me but want to help me is at time overwhelming.

It makes me glad that my parents brought me up in church, where I have known what it means to have people other than biological family & relatives love and care for me.

For those who don't go, you never know the value of having a community of people other than family and your immediate neighbours, to your happiness and well being.

I like the pastor, Alex Golovenko, who calls us into missions and into reaching out to persons from various nations.

Today he called for us to commit to:

1) pray for all the nations of the world (he will provide a list and country profile)
Emphasis of the prayer is that G-d will send or raise up more labourers into those nations

2) read the whole Bible challenge
the word is a sin repellant when committed to memory.

3) give sacrificially
stop trusting money and trust G-d.

4) meet other people from cultures different than my own and go out of my way to meet new people
Get out of my comfort zone and circle of friends and go meet people who I do not know in order to let them know what I know.

5) mentor a disciple

This call to ministry resonates well with my spirit. I pray that I can commit and be a part of this.

Location: London Seventh-day Adventist, 805 Shelborne Street, London, ON. N5Z 5C6

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