Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seeing G-d's message globally

In every human institution, analogies of G-d can be seen. Evidence of this can be seen throughout the Bible, as both Old and New testament draws on analogies and metaphors of human institutions such as marriage, government, law, business and agriculture to make known G-d's message to his people. It is evident from these many examples, that G-d is willing to go to a far extent to get home a message to us and to everyone who needs that message to be delivered in a different way.

G-d however has also sought to use the seasons and day and night to communicate with us. The scripture declares that each day and night speaks about G-d (Psalm 19:1-4). The message of G-d is therefore new each day. Everyday, someone needs to know about G-d. There are some who are born and new to the earth that G-d wants to the day and nights to speak to. Then there are those who have been so distracted by the world, that G-d has encoded a message to when they are finally ready to listen. The day, night and skies are like G-d's answering machine; his pre-recorded message to let humanity know "I am here, but not on earth now, but I plan to get back to you".

Not only has G-d left footprints in nature to communicate with us, but he has taken steps to leave a permanent written utterance to let us know that he is and what he plans to do with us and about us. As such, Psalms 19:7 goes on to utter about the perfection of G-d's law and how it makes one wise. It is through that law, that G-d reveals again that he is present, and has a plan and purpose for the entire earth and humanity.

Within that law, he has set seasons and times to help us reflect on his communication and to further obtain more knowledge on his plan. As today is part of the festival the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot, we need to be reminded in this season that we need to take the time today to hear what G-d has to communicate about his existence and his plan for us and our habitat.

In fact it is interesting that in the Jewish celebration of Sukkot, they dwell in a booth for seven days, where in they can look up and see the sky. See this photo from King (2011) for illustration. By design, G-d has caused them to have 7 days to look up at the sky and to be reminded of all the messages that the firmament can communicate.

Today, even if you are not celebrating Sukkot, spend  some time to look at the sky both during the day and the night to listen to what they have to say about G-d. He has a message recorded in them for you today (and every day).


King, G. (2011, Oct 17). Celebrating Sukkot. Yakima Herald-Republic. http://www.yakima-herald.com/stories/2011/10/17/photo-celebrating-sukkot

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