Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thoughts on gift giving

Valentine's day is coming up, but I don't celebrate it because of its pagan origin. Nevertheless, in my reflections I want to consider the verse above and its implications for those who are considering giving gifts or even those who will be receiving gifts on the day.

Just to let you know that the best gifts are not man-made. Good and perfect gifts come from the Creator. Gifts like the sun, the air we breathe, life itself. friends and relationships (and especially your partner or spouse) are all gifts that you can't purchase at any superstore.

So just a rule of thumb. If your gift is made by man, it may be good, but it ain't perfect. If your gift comes from God, such as your talents, the Holy Spirit, your ministry, then that gift is priceless. However it is far more important for you to celebrate that you have such a wonderful gift giver than it is to celebrate receiving his gifts.

God bless.

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