Friday, April 19, 2013

A change of direction on my spiritual blog

The world has become a dangerous place for people of faith, especially those of the Christian and Jewish faith. I say this as I acknowledge the threat and movement by governments, organizations, corporations and institutions to silence the grass-root movement of social media. I also acknowledge that our laws need to be changed to protect and preserve the freedoms of people on the Web to engage in social exchange and conversations, without the threat of civil law suit or loss of employment, especially when people respectfully criticize institutions, organizations and companies in those exchanges or conversations.

I'm deeply concerned that human beings are losing their freedoms because of laws established to protect corporations, big businesses, institutions, special interest groups and organizations. My great fear is that we are entering a new dark ages, where people will be persecuted because they tell their personal stories or share their personal experiences.

We (humanity) have indeed been this route before in history, and are heading there again. In the past, early Christians were persecuted for telling their stories. Even more, humanity's history of religious intolerance continues to show that people (whatever their faith or belief) have the proclivity to persecute and punish those who do not share their stories or view points.

I'm deeply concern that our world is moving to the place where people will and are persecuted for what they post online, without proper trial or proper administration of natural justice.

I have contemplated pulling the plug on my spiritual blog, but when I look back at what Jesus did, how he spoke out in the face of danger, I reconsider. Rather, to follow my spiritual leader and mentor, I will do as my Lord would and instead of speak directly about the issues that concern me, I will address those difficult subjects in parables. Hence, I write this entry to inform my loyal (but small) readership that you should expect from me more short stories and parables addressing the concerns that are of interest to me, in a way that does not directly attack any person, group or institution. Rather, all things will be left up to your interpretation. (I cannot take responsibility for how you will interpret my future stories). So that said, expect to see a change in my future posts on this blog.

God bless you.

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