Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pluro-cracy (a poem)

Poet's note
The following is a poem that came to me this morning. I leave you the reader to do the interpretation and to figure out the references. The title is wanting, but the sentiments and imagery that I want to interrogate are captured here in these words. I hope this poem helps us all to reflect on our politics and ideologies (regardless of what political orientation or ideology we hold).

The Poem

has fallen,
liberty's fallen
All over, in the streets,

Out in small numbers,
varied protesters
are encircled by
social justice police

are legislated,
love's legislated
hate's a crime,
are they robots or humans?

People being programmed,
Even the hackers are being

As liberal democracy
gives way to just liberal tyranny
and freedom retreats
to a relic of a forgotten past.

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