Saturday, April 11, 2015

A prophetic dream about marijuana cultivation?

On Barack Obama's visit to Jamaica, at a youth leadership event the President of the United States was asked about US policy regarding the decriminalization and legalization of ganja ("US president fields Rasta's question", 2015). Long before this event, I had an unusual dream that I only mentioned to my spouse at the time. However, I feel the time has come to make the dream known, especially since there is zeitgeist in support of the decriminalization and legalization of ganja in Jamaica.

In my dream, I boarded a truck in downtown Kingston, headed to the hills for market provision. Soon the truck arrived in the hill country of rural Jamaica, where ganja was being cultivated alongside necessary herbs and spices needed for culinary preparations. Yet, in the dream, it came to my consciousness that more ganja was being cultivated than food items as farmers felt that it was more profitable to grow marijuana than food crops. As such, food was scarce and ganja was abundant.


"US president fields Rasta’s question on legalising marijuana" (2015, Apr. 10) Malay Mail Online retrieved from

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