Tuesday, October 18, 2016

9 things I hate about the 2016 US election

Trust me when I say that I take no pleasure in blogging about this 2016 US election. If there was ever a more depressing state of election and campaign affairs, I can't recall. This fall season's election appears to me to be one in which the top candidates contending for the presidential job are characters from out of soap opera or reality TV shows with magnified character flaws and sins.

Also characteristic of this season is the fact that there is no inspiring messages from the candidates. The focus so far is on unflattering biographies and dirty laundry. There is a marked lack of focus on a positive articulation of vision for the US, making this election one of the dullest election of US history. That said, let me list, in no particular order, the top 9 things that I hate right now about the US elections.

  1. That the US media is neither independent, neutral, nor objective. Instead, the media platforms across the US has presented themselves partial in this election and interested in seeing Hilary being elected and on framing and focusing on portraying Donald as negatively as possible. 
  2. That the US media focuses on Donald's character flaws and prefer to cover his dirty past while overlooking Clinton's most recent flaws and scandals
  3. That while the US media is aiding Hilary, we have to rely on WikiLeaks to report the corruption in Hilary's campaign
  4. That WikiLeaks has posted emails showing that the media is colluding with Hilary. However, instead of denying the truth in the emails, both the media and Hilary's team are blaming Russian interference for the leaks.
  5. That Trump is the Republican nominee!
  6. That Trump dismissed his past comments on video as "locker room talk". Dishonorable old men, out of touch with the zeitgeist, label talk boasting about groping women without their consent as locker talk. 
  7. That this election is more about who is more flawed to be President than it is about a narrative or vision for America
  8. That the media portrays Trump supporters as all stupid or racist. Arrogant people call those who disagree with them stupid.
  9. That WikiLeaks has pointed out that Hilary appears to be a taker of bribes and that the media by not covering this idea also appears to be in on taking bribes.
The American people have a very difficult election season this year, with horrible media coverage and a flawed menu of unsavory leadership characters. That said, I know that the American people have varied individual priorities, whether immigration policy,  religious freedom, concern about the economy, or concern about gender issues, sexism and misogyny. God bless them as they navigate this difficult election year and decide on their top decision criteria for selecting their President.

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