Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel at War - Time is closing down soon

Israel is at War!

2009 has not even began and we are seeing war.

This is now the season to revisit Bible prophecies. You may wish to begin with Matthew 24.

Trust no one, especially the media. Deception is a major trend in these last days. JESUS in his Mount Olives prophecy tells us to be extremely careful about what we hear and what we see.
He says take heed that no man deceive you (Matt. 24:4), for many deceivers will be out there.

However, many will come "in my [JESUS's] name" (Matt. 24:5).

Satan knows that we will not be deceived by people who are not Christians/Jews. He knows that we will listen to people based on what they profess. He knows that we will not listen to people who are not of our same denomination, beliefs or religious persuasion. So he is going to use someone in the Church or synagogue, even an entire Christian or Jewish movement to deceive us.

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