Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jamaica is a Pagan Nation

When I was growing up, I believed that Jamaica was a Christian nation. All the wealthiest persons in Jamaican society and the people who were established seemed to be Christians or at least attend church services on Sunday.

I saw the Anglican Church as Jamaica's official church, noting that many schools were operated by the Anglican diocese. I attended Anglican preparatory and then high school, so you cannot blame me for coming to that conclusion.

I even believe that when I attended university, that even university had a Anglican chapel.

My awakening to the paganised Jamaican society came in my adult life. Attending the local university definitely exposed me to the pagan aspects that coexisted with the Christian ethic that guided the nation. I encountered:
  • a Satanist attending one of my class
  • secular lecturers
  • Anti-Christian lecturers
  • Sexual promiscuous class mates who were unbelievers and who questioned the Church and Christian ideals.
However, my eyes have been fully open now to the pagan elements that dominate the people of Jamaica.

Just walk on the street on a Sabbath (Saturday) or Sunday - the two days when people are to be in church. On the streets, you see people selling, idling, gambling and smoking, with no regard for G-d.

Tattoos, Shirts with skulls, shoes with skulls, belts with skulls, Posters with girls in skimpy clothing, girls on the street with skimpy clothing, men with cigars and ganga, men playing dominoes, loud objectionable music playing, bars with men and women, men and women in betting lines (for LOTTO tickets, horse betting and others).

This is what I see when I walk through Jamaica, on a day of worship (Saturday or Sunday). (More prevalent on the Saturday than the Sunday, as more church goers are seen on a Sunday and less selling and commerce on Sunday.)

It grieves my spirit to see that people just live without regularly attending church services, and in enjoying pleasures of sin, transgression and iniquity. I believe there are more bars/pubs in Jamaica than churches. There are also so many persons gambling.

While we have much religious freedom in this country, we also have much moral ills in the society. The ordinary man on the street is pagan and secular.

Pray for this nation.

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