Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The importance of natural and spiritual laws

In a discussion with my wife, who keep saying that logic cannot be used with the Word of G-d, I felt impressed to write these thoughts and share them.

G-d has created the world to operate under both spiritual and natural laws. These laws govern the way things are in the world. They make life predictable. They make man's existence predictable.

Once we discover the laws, we can count on them to operate on our behalf. For instance, we know that if we plant a seed of peas, according to natural law, when it sprouts and grows, at harvest time we should see and reap peas.

G-d has also made to operate in spiritual laws, for which there are consequences for the violation thereof. However he has also made provision for those who have violated those laws to get deliverance from the consequences thereof. For example, if someone murders another person for the first time, then their spirit is restless and they cannot have peace. However if that person calls on G-d (or the Messiah, Jesus) for forgiveness, then he may permit the person to receive peace.

Just like the queen or the governor in the British constitutional system and her commonwealth, G-d reserves the power under law to pardon those who breaks the law.

G-d therefore uses the Laws to reveal that he is predictable and change not (Malachi 3:6).

He uses the Law to teach that he is the same G-d yesterday, today and forever ( Hebrews 13:8).

He indicates that he is Present continuous - existing out of time, hence he does not change with time and is not limited by time (Exodus 3:14).

Thus, G-d wants us to base our faith on his predictable words, promises and provisions. He wants what he has revealed unto us to shape our expectations, aspirations or hope - especially our faith. Because of G-d's promises, we can expect certain outcomes. Becuase of G-d's revelation, we can expect certain outcomes.

Yet G-d reserve the right to change the outcomes based on conditions which he reveals. It is based on these conditions that G-d is able to suspend natural and even spiritual law.

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