Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Law points out the Messiah

G-d has intended that his Laws will reveal who the Messiah is.

In Torah, he gave Moses the promise that he was going to a raise up a Jew to replace Moses Deuteronomy 18:15-22.

In Genesis 3:15. G-d uttered a prophecy and promise that he would send a seed from woman to overcome Satan, evil and sin.

In Leviticus 23, he institutes festivals and holy convocations to reveal his solution to man's problems. Day of Atonement he declared would be the time when he would forgive men of their sins. He would not hold men to be guilty for their sins, but shall find a scape goat to impute the sins on.

In Psalm 32:2, the scriptures implies that there is a time when men will be tried, and some will not be considered guilty.

The scriptures however have the purpose of identifying the times and seasons and when the prophecies of G-d will be fulfilled.

According to Apostle Paul, the Gentile missionary, the Law points to the revelation of the Messiah, his work and the (Galations 3:23-25). The Law also has the purpose of showing sin and declaring what wrong is, so that we can identify who is doing the will of G-d, from whom are not doing the will of G-d.

Because we know sin and the will of G-d via revelation through his word, we can identify the Messiah who comes in his name and is obedient to all his commands and fulfills his revealed criteria and requirements for qualification.

Thus the Law has not been done away with, but it reveals the one who will lead us into the new covenant with G-d; the one who will guide us into our destiny. The one that will lead humanity into the promise that G-d gave Abraham, even the rest in the Promised land.

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