Thursday, March 12, 2009

Persecution & discrimination against Christians in Post-Christian West

Persecution and discrimination against Christians in Post-Christian West has certainly began to manifest itself.

That is the conclusion that I have drawn after reading the following articles.

From The Christian Post : "Christian Party Offices Vandalized After Launch of Bus Ads"

by Maria Mackay, Christian Today Reporter, Monday Feb. 16 2009

The above article speaks about the attack of a Christian political party office after advertisements were run. Hate crimes against Christians in London, committed not by followers of Islam?

From the University World News
US: University bans Christian group from campus
Writer: Robert L Shibley
Date: 08 March 2009

Now this article speaks about the denial of the rights of a Christian society to exist on a college campus, because of their beliefs and how they structure their club to conform to their spiritual beliefs.

If it is happening in universities, when will it move into governments. A time seem to be coming when Christians will be denied the right to organise meetings and congregate because of their beliefs?

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