Tuesday, March 3, 2009

21st Century Values and Morality

I read an article yesterday where various men were speaking as to why they did not want virgins anymore. The consensus among those who did not want virgins boiled down to impatience. They all could not wait to get their high! They wanted instant gratification, and virgins required too much time and patience before they can reach where they want to be sexually. One specific argument presented is that the more experienced male will have to take time with the virgin as she might tear and is usually in a lot of pain, which takes away from the sexual experience.

In addition to that, I heard a conversation yesterday among young men and women on the campus. In the conversation, the young men were saying that any values or ideas that come from persons born in the sixties or before were old school and not applicable to today. Their argument suggested that values prior to the seventies are no longer relevant to the twenty-first century.

My soul is still pondering these matters. There seems to be a profound shift in morality in this world.

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