Saturday, May 2, 2009

The dilemma of being unaffiliated

I read the following article, and it came at a time when I am spiritually hurting.

The need for truth in me and my need to be a part of a spiritual organization that has that same desire for truth and to be liberated from man's dogma and move into what G-d wants for them is unfulfilled.

All denominations that I know and have been in lack my specific beliefs. My wife has basically given up the search with me and has settled for what she is already used to. With that, she has thrown away all the truths that we have discovered. They are encumbering and prevents one from being at ease in contemporary Christian community.

Today I went to witness in Half-Way-Tree (HWT) and felt that my efforts were in vain. I was convicted that the person doing evangelism must be sent by an organization or a formal body, or G-d himself.

Secondly, I realise that one must be anointed to get people to follow what ever you teach, preach or say. All the truths known require a spirit behind you that will resonate well with your hearers.

On top of that, at Andrews SDA, G-d pointed out to me 1 Samuel 3:7. In essence, G-d showed me that many were like Samuel, ministering before the L-RD, doing ministry, yet failing to know him, for whom they ministered.

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