Friday, May 15, 2009

Wrecking the national dollar

I am now more convinced than ever that there is a global elite that is orchestrating the current global financial meltdown in order to advance the new global economic, political, social and religious order.

Jamaica is about to produce and issue a $5000 note. A Jamaica Observer article entitled "BOJ to issue $5,000 bank note" reports that the governor of the Bank of Jamaica will "officially launch the new bank note on Monday at the central bank in downtown Kingston". This is just the beginning of sorrows. This move means that our dollar is losing its value. I am not an economic expert. However, the article in the Jamaica Gleaner, entitled "Jamaica Welcomes the Shearer", in support of my perspective states that:

Normally, central banks feel compelled to issue higher value notes when their economies are wracked by inflation and it requires more and more to make purchases.

However, the article goes on to state that this is not the case (really now! could have fooled me!). It goes to report that the dollar is being pushed as a means of celebrating the former politician and foreign affairs minister.

In addition, the newspaper's article title is so misleading. The article title states "Jamaica welcomes" the new dollar. Far be it from us. Everywhere I hear Jamaicans talking with worry over this new currency. We know as Jamaicans that this new dollar does not signal any good news. We know that what is coming is the devaluation of our dollar.

I recently read a new report on the Council of Foreign Relations website, which highlights what I believe is going to happen to Jamaica. According to the author, Steil, it is recommended that for small national states to survive the global financial crisis, they need to give up their sovereign dollar and substitute it with a universal currency - US or Euro. In Steil's own words:

"[One] option is for countries, particularly smaller ones, to self-insure against currency crises by replacing their national currencies with one of the two globally accepted means of international payment, the dollar or the euro. ...Countries that are dollarized...and euroized have in the current crisis been spared the devastation of mass capital flight. Countries on the periphery of the eurozone...have suffered far more from the global financial upheaval than their euroized neighbors."

This is what the global elite wants to see; all nations giving up their sovereignty so that they can have their global order established. I am quite certain that our global financial crisis is artificial - created by the secret ruling elite, who wants to force nations to give up their sovereignty. Jamaica is heading towards economic bankruptcy, to be bailed out only if it joins this new global order.

If the picture of the person on the new Jamaican $5000 dollar is any clue. According to a biographic search I did on "Shearer, Hugh" on the National Library of Jamaica's Website, Shearer was an advocate of Jamaica being involved in a universal and international political and social union. The article states:

On the international scene, Mr. Shearer in 1963 initiated the movement in the United Nations for declaring 1968 as “The International Year of Human Rights” celebrated worldwide.

Hold fast brethren, til Messiah comes! Do not love wealth, but recognise that you survival does not depend on the money you own or that is in the bank or even in your insurance schemes. Your survival depends on the Word of G-d.


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