Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Antichrist's open war against Christianity

Over this weekend, I have watched several videos that I want to share.

There is an all-out war directed against Christianity by Satan and the war is on many fronts.

The following video is an interview with the Daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan with a tele-evangelist, Bob Larson. Also interviewed is a werewolf. These servants of the Devil speak frankly about the demise of Christianity and that they will take over.

The next video speaks to the denial of the rights of Christians to free speech and to freedom of expression.

The next video shows how Satan is using the movie industry to con humanity into accepting his Antichrist doctrines.

And the final video is about Satan's assault through the music industry to indoctrinate our youth into accepting Antichrist values and doctrine.

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