Monday, May 24, 2010

My Account of the Dudus and Tivoli history

My account of this Dudus affair, with the siege of Tivoli

A situation that I have paid much attention to since the extradition was signed and warrant issued for the arrest of Dudus.

I have been monitoring the international media through my iGoogle page via Google news gadget, customised to display news on Dudus.

When this thing started, I recognised the danger that it posed. I was one of those that wanted the delay in the extradition matter, and even secretly desiring the lobbying attempts by Mannatt and Phelps. I foreknew that if this issue was dealt with, that it would be a great crisis for Jamaica. It is the type of crisis that no leader of Jamaica, regardless of whichever party wants to have to deal with.

Tivoli has long been labeled the "mother of all garrisons". It is known that in this commuity there are weapons stock piled, and that the residents are not afraid to confront the police with these weapons. Historically, Jamaica police have encountered violent resistance from this community in the past, while attempting to go in and retrieve guns.

It was not an easy extradition request that the US made to our leaders last year. Frankly, I wanted it to be worked out in secret. Or perhaps, that the Jamaican authorities would not sacrifice our own lawmen, but give US permission to use their CIA to enter the community and take the strong man themselves.

Nevertheless, it came to this. I know not how much Jamaican blood will be shed. Yet, it is necessary for many to die, in order to rid oursevles once and forever of the conditions that continue to feed our crime and violence.

There shall be martyrdom, both on the side of Tivoli residents and already on the side of our Security forces. Everyone who dies in this fiasco are the ones who made this historical turning point possible. Their blood will not go in vain. Instead, their blood will speak to future generations of the price Jamaica paid to separate itself from a history of political violence.

Too many times nations have to change history with violence. This is one such ocasion for Jamaica. We need violence to re-establish paradise.

In the past Jamaica would have been a Spanish speaking nation, if not for violence. In the past, Jamaica could have become a French speaking nation, but for violence. Today, the blood spilled in Tivoli and over Tivoli, will indicate what Jamaica will speak in the future. What language will be uttered in the streets? What will our dancehall artistes sing about after this? Hopefully, no more will we speak/sing the language of violence, but as a people have changed consciousness and speak of peace for many years to come.

From my monitoring of the international media's reporting on this matter, I realise that Jamaica has introduced 2 new words to the global vocabulary - "garrison community" and "don". Tomorrow, I hope that the new words that Jamaica will introduce to the globe's vocabulary will not be ones that drip with blood and violence, but will be inspiring as Usain Bolt is "to di wurl" (to the world).

G-d bless Jamaica. G-d bless Tivoli. Let out of this situation, arise a new and fresh beginning for our nation. May Tivoli and Jamaica be cleansed and experience new birth, a renaissance and reconstruction.

Let Jamaica increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity...and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.

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