Thursday, March 1, 2012

Contemplating church library ministry

Been contemplating the church library ministry for some time now. While I have always been considering the issue (in the back of my mind), two recent events brought this thought to the fore:
  • pastor asked me to consider it
  • recently missing Children DVDs from the Children's ministry room
 Is this where I must serve? Should I apply my secular calling to my current fellowship's library? How different it is from a regular library?

Googled and found some good resources online that discuss the considerations of church library such as:

    • DeMattia, Robin F. (1998, March/April). "Church Library Makeover: Get the assets of that special room back in circulation." Christianity Today.
    • Maness, Ron. (2005) "Starting a Church Library."

    • Towns, Elmer L. and Cyril J. Barber (1974). Successful Church Libraries. BAKER BOOK HOUSE ! Grand Rapids, Michigan

I know that they are good sources and are very useful in indicating how I can apply what I have learned from library school to establishing and running a church library. I browsed the material and its all familiar and based on what I've learned or seen in practice.

What would it mean for me though?

I am more a manager rather than a doer or technician. I know the work that ought to be done, but do not enjoy doing it. I prefer to interact with people or technology rather than the actual information sources.

I would also have to join/become a member of Church library associations such as:
  • National Church Library Association
  • Evangelical Church Library Assoication
I would need to meet with other church librarians to network and discuss the issues that are specific to church library development. Are these issues similar to the other challenges faced by the librarians of secular collections and services?

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