Friday, March 23, 2012

Immigration and Globalisation in the Bible: Part 5

One of the major themes in the Bible is that of immigration. G-d though creating the earth gave it to human beings to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18). However human beings through Adam failed to live up to their responsibilities and had aliens, Satan and the fallen angels establish control over the earth. However, despite the wrecked earth, Jesus migrated from heaven to spend time here in order to reverse the rule of Satan and establish a revived worldwide mission to reinstate diplomatic ties between heaven and earth. Eventually, G-d and his son Jesus are going to move in and live on earth among human beings which would be the greatest immigration of all time.

It is on that latter point that I must spend some time emphasizing, as most Christians I know have an inverted view. Many songs are sung about Christians going to heaven, when there are so many passages of scripture that declare that God wants to live among us on the earth. It is not God's plan to have a exodus of the righteous people from earth to live in heaven. As Isaiah 45:18 declares, God's plan is not for a desolate and forsaken earth. In Genesis 1:28, God's explicit mission or mandate for humanity is to subdue, rule over, govern and take charge of the affairs on earth. That mission and mandate has not changed, though God has at least once repented about making man (Genesis 6:6).

However, God longs to once again have man fulfilling the mandate of keeping his garden on earth for him as he once did (Genesis 2:15). G-d wants to put his feet on earth, or more specifically, he wants to put up his feet on earth (Isaiah 66:1Matthew 5:35). He wants a resting place here on earth with human beings. A vacation spot. A get away and resort with human beings who love and want to wait on him.

In Zechariah 14:4, the prophet declares that God's feet will be on Mount Olives, east of Jerusalem. He plans to establish a dwelling in Zion, with headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel.  Jesus tells us to pray that God's plan for earth be fulfilled as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). God wants to make earth like heaven or rather, wants to bring a piece of heaven to earth. While God has built his new city in heaven, he wants to take it down to earth. This is why John saw the vision of the new Jerusalem coming down out from heaven (Revelation 21:2).

God wants to re-establish diplomatic ties between heaven and earth. That's what the entire Scriptures are about. They are about God's attempt to re-establish diplomatic ties and access that human beings had to heaven before they fell. How much is this promise throughout the scriptures. Jacob in his dream saw a ladder stretching from heaven to earth with angels descending and ascending the ladder (Genesis 28:12).

In Psalm 84, the psalmist talks about how lovely it will be to be in God's getaway resort on earth, and about all the pilgrims/tourists that will want to voyage to God's city to hear from him, just as how the people from all Galilee and Judea flocked to hear Jesus. In Zechariah 14:16-19, all the nations of the earth will have an annual appointment to meet at God's headquarters.

Throughout the history, the Bible details the migration of so many persons. But the greatest migration is yet to take place. The migration of the Holy God to earth to live in the midst of human beings. May we be ready and look forward for that great day.


M. Scale said...

Forgot to post this scripture that supports the idea that God wants the earth to be like the garden of Eden again: Ezekiel 36:35-36;NIV;NASB;AMP;KJV

The Lord God Is! said...

Quite inspiring! May those who read and believe, receive the power and joy of salvation through this message! The Lord God is!!! Blessings Bro