Saturday, December 29, 2012

On reviewing 2012

It is coming to that time of the secular year, when we review our past and take record of our mistakes and failures, and decide how we are going to improve for the new year. Well, I am now in that mode reflecting on my blunders for 2012.

One thing that I do know is that while society on a whole is pretty unforgiving about blunders, God is not so. He understands that we are as frail as dust (Psalm 103:14). So while society can hold a blunder against one for life and be so unforgiving that they do not  permit any second chances, God sometimes permits second chances. We see this in the story of Jonah, both in how God dealt with both Jonah and the city of Nineveh (See Wikipedia article on the story if unfamiliar). We also see this in how God esteemed David, who had a litany of sins including adultery, murder and cover up. Even the story of the woman brought before Jesus on the account of adultery to be stoned shows us just how mean society can be when you fail to live up to its moral code (John 8:1-11). We see this again in the story of a sinful woman who anointed the feet of Jesus at Simon the Pharisee's house (Luke 7:36-50)

I sometimes perceive that some of my blog posts revealing my thoughts are blunders that I should not have shared. However, I also feel that it is useful for one to blog and make known some of their thoughts for the purposes of engaging with others who can help them to re-examine deeply held prejudices, beliefs and ideas. It is part of the discussion that needs to take place at church, which does not happen because of our rigged adherence to liturgy and concern for getting through the liturgy on time. Spiritual or religious blogs should also be spaces for peaceful theological and spiritual exchanges that help those who hold certain beliefs examine and scrutinize their own beliefs and receive civil feedback from others that hold different points of view.

One thing I can guarantee is that as I blog about my spiritual journey and experience events that shape that journey, some of my beliefs will change and I will adapt new beliefs. However, one of the commitment that I have made that will always remain constant is my commitment to pursue Christ and follow his voice and not the traditions of men. I will always uphold the view that the Reformation is not yet ended, and that Christ is leading his church back to what we lost after years of pagan traditions and the thoughts and systems of men infiltrating and usurping Christianity.

I know that so much of what I was taught and raised in as a Christian are alien to what Jesus and his disciples practiced and taught. My desire for 2013 is to continue to learn and unlearn what 1st century Christianity thought and practiced, while being able to communicate their message in the language of post-modernity. As for 2012, I know I have held beliefs that I shouldn't have and have needed spiritual correction and rebuke. At the same time, I know in 2013, that I may still hold wrong beliefs and positions, and erroneously share what may get me into trouble or make enemies. However, at the same time, I know that I am still a work in progress, just like this blog, and not a finished product. God is still working on me, just like how he is still working to get the church to 'come out of Babylon' (Revelation 18:4).

Anyways, a happy secular and spiritual year to you all for 2013! May it be the year of the Lord's coming, to end all the madness that's taking place globally! Also, may 2013 be a year of second chances. God bless you!

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