Wednesday, December 21, 2011

If I could vote for the God of the universe

When I listen to the Jews, I hear an ethnic/communal G-d. When I listen to Muslims, I hear of a distant (far away) Allah. But when I stick to the Christian G-d of my fathers, I hear a personal deity involved in every detail of my life.

So if I could vote for the G-d of the universe as we vote for a Prime Minister to govern a country, I would vote for the personal deity who gave his son as a ransom for the life of human beings.

No matter the contradictions in the Bible, the apparent support for slavery and colonialism, the G-d of the universe redeemed his image through Jesus in the "New testament".

I am so glad that G-d will even use the Christmas and Jamaican election season to help me remain focus on his wonderful truths.

G-d's richest blessings to everyone

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M. Scale said...

Just to add a statement from White, E.G. Happiness for Life Nampa, Idaho: Pacific Press, 2007. "In our circumstances and surroundings, in the changes taking place around us, we may find precious lessons if our hearts are but open to discern them" (p.41).