Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No more Christmas bashing. Why?

I used to consent with fellow Sabbatharians bashing paganism and cultural intrusion into the Christian faith, as a defilement of G-d's requirements for Christian believers. Take Christmas as an example, which I usually approach from the perspective of raising the truth about its origins in paganism and secular culture and pointing to the truly holy days of G-d as prescribed in the Bible.

However, as of tonight, and as a consequence of being on Canadian soil, I now embrace a new perspective. I now see every cultural event as an opportunity to teach about G-d and lead people back to G-d's truths.

Everything under the earth must be used as an occasion to teach spiritual truths. This is a principle that Jesus himself adopted, and used to good effect in his parables. Jesus through parables used the mundane things of everyday life to teach people about his spiritual truths. He spoke of farmers engaged in agriculture, the the sewing of garments, losing coins, making containers for alcoholic beverage, of shrewd business men and managers, investors and politicians. Nothing in everyday life escaped his commentary. Yet he used all these ordinary things that people experienced to point persons to higher spiritual truths about G-d.

Recently, G-d poured into me revelation based on my mind's absorption of Jamaica political election and the Christmas holidays and celebrations here in Canada. He reminded me that his revelation is not restricted to any particular day or season. He will communicate to human beings in whatever they find culturally relevant or meaningful, his truths. He however wants his believers and subjects of his kingdom, to examine every occurrence and event in their life as an opportunity to learn more spiritual truth and see beyond the mundane and ordinary perspective, and embrace the larger kingdom perspective.

Western society has not known how radically Christianity has impacted their culture and consciousness. Values that are held are a mixture between paganism and a Judeo-Christian heritage. Yet even in the culture, G-d speaks and finds a voice to cry out.

G-d bless you for reading this.

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M. Scale said...

Just to add a statement from White, E.G. Happiness for Life Nampa, Idaho: Pacific Press, 2007. "In our circumstances and surroundings, in the changes taking place around us, we may find precious lessons if our hearts are but open to discern them" (p.41).