Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sex in Eden? Before the Fall of Man

What happened in Eden before the Fall of man when Adam and Eve had sexual intercourse?

No nakedness, no guilt. Adam and Eve would have had an experience where they both felt closer to each other and both experienced orgasm simultaneously. It would ahve been atleast a very good experience if not perfect, with both being mutually satisfied and still feeling comfortable relating to G-d. Further, the Bible describes their experience as a "know"-ing experience (see Genesis 4:1 KJV). They were made for sex (reproduction, see Genesis 1:28), were meant to have it and enjoy the experience.

No pain; no inhibitions. Both were free to explore and incapable of sexually sinning as they had no deviant knowledge to impact their sexual relations.

Such information is important as today's popular culture makes it seem as if the only way one can enjoy sexual intercourse is through sexual deviance and through forbidden sexual practices and being 'naughty' or 'bad'. Don't drink the Kool Aid of the devil's lies, but know the truth and it shall set you free!

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