Sunday, November 16, 2008

The purpose of life for all humanity

I follow in the footsteps of Wisdom to analyse the purpose of life for all humanity. In Ecclesiastes 1:13, the Jewish philosopher, sought to do a similiar thing. He investigated the purpose of life as given by G-d. Like him I have done the same - and my answer is:

G-d has given man life, and specifically you and I life, for us to discover what contributions we must make on earth in the time given.

The playwright Shakespeare once wrote that "all the world is a stage"! How true it is! The earth is an arena, where each individual enters and exists. G-d has given each individual a unique contribution to make in the arena. Some make their contribution and then exit. Others make little contribution, less than their potential and exit.

One must determine what unique contribution one has or possesses to bring to humanity. What has G-d given you that you can contribute with your life in the time slot that he has assigned you to.

Thought or Take home point:
"God has given me both life and a time slot on earth to give a significant contribution to human society."

Life A Journey On Train
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