Sunday, November 16, 2008

The purpose of my blog

Today, I took stock of my life. In fact, G-d has consistently been sending me the message that time is short and I will have to give an account for my time here on earth.

As such I decided to meditate on if I was ready and prepared to die and face my Creator. I recognised that if I died tonight, there would be two things that I would have regretted.

  1. that I did not record any of the songs that the LORD gave me.
  2. that I did not publish the insights that G-d has revealed unto me.
As such, I have decided to start this blog, to share with the world a public record of my reflections, and the spiritual ideas that have been revealed to me via the listening of sermons, sermonettes or through the quiet times of reflection during my personal study, or via conversations with other human beings. So this begins the journey.

I hope you will all be blessed by the sharing from my soul to yours!

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