Sunday, November 23, 2008

Readings on Genesis: Chapter 1

After reading chapter one of Genesis, we can see that the LORD caused all life to proceed out of water.

Before he spoke over water to bring forth life out of it, His Spirit hovered over (or moved on the face of according to KJV) the water.

This is a perfectly expounds the symbolism of baptism. That after being baptised, one is to expect a new life to proceed out of the individual who was baptised.

Other things to note:
  1. Light came out from Darkness
  2. Day came out from Night
  3. Dry Land (Earth) came out from Waters (Seas)
  4. Trees, Fruits, Grass and Herbs came out from the Earth (Land)
  5. Life (Sea creatures and birds) came forth out of Waters (Seas)
All life came out of and is nourished by water. G-d's anointing touched water, thus giving water life giving and sustaining power.

When one is baptised, the Holy Spirit comes down and touches the water in which one is dipped, giving the person the potential for new birth - just as in the day of creation.

Also to note:

G-d created lesser and greater lights. He however ensured that instead of starting the day with sunrise -and with the sun, the greater light, he started our day with evening and with the moon, which is the lesser light.

Thus we find throughout the Bible/Torah that G-d used the lesser light to indicate to man the times and seasons for worship. G-d used the moon, the lesser light as the basis of his calendar.

Two revelations have I received regarding this subject:

  • The reminder to men that our greatest glory is to come and follow the night. The new beginning of all things is to follow the end of the world. When Adam fell and it seem as if mankind story went into darkness and into an end. However, a new beginning and regeneration is to follow when the Son of G-d and man shall appear to put an end to sin and death - and darkness and evil and usher in a new age.

  • G-d always seeks the humble and lowly to do his purpose. He chose Jacob over Esau. G-d chose Israel over other nations because Israel was the smallest, poorest and weakest nation to keep his timetable and calendar in the earth.

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