Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who am I? What's my affiliation?

You are perhaps skeptic about who it is that is writing these reflections. You perhaps wonder what religion am I a part of, and what spirit is behind my writings.

First, let me introduce myself as a believer in the Bible! Both Old Testament and New Testament. From that you may deduce that I am a Christian. Of which I am.

However, I see myself as a Gentile called into Jewish traditions. Just that the one who called me into Jewish traditions is JESUS! JESUS and his early followers were Jewish and they have sought to get all non Jews to believe in the G-d of the Bible. Without JESUS and his disciples work, I would not know either the LAW or the grace of G-d! Knowledge of G-d would be hidden from me.

As such, I more see myself as a Judeo-Christian.

Ebenstein and Ebenstein in their book identify Judeo-Christian values as being those ideals about justice based on equality under the law and the respect for life and the rights of others - which comes out of monotheistic beliefs.

I am therefore a believer in what both Judaism and Christianity represents. In fact, I see no conflict between Jews and Christians. They both have the TRUTH! The problem is, that they have been divorced, and need to remarry! One has the Old Testament, and the other the New Testament. However, God only has one Testament! The Two are suppose to be one.


Ebenstein , William & Ebenstein , Alan O. Great Political Thinkers: Plato to the Present, 1951. Fort Worth , Tokyo , 1991.

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